Golden Horn Batholith, Washington Pass, Okanogan County, Washington, USA
Field of view is 3.0 mm. Micromount collected and prepared by Saul Krotki

Mindat photo caption by Saulk Krotki - "North Cascade Highway, milepost 165, Okanogan Co., WA. Electron microprobe EDS spectral analysis at Cannon Microprobe, Seattle, WA, November 2008, indicates a member of the danalite(Fe)—helvite(Mn)—genthelvite(Zn) series. We find a nearly balanced proportional contribution of all three elements. Genthelvite is named as Zn is dominant, with Fe slightly higher than Mn. At the time I took this photo I had found only two crystals and one was sacrificed for this study. As of 2010, several more crystals have been found by various collectors. Though very uncommon, I found genthelvite crystals in boulders along the North Cascade Highway from milepost 164.8 to milepost 165.5. Photomicrograph © Saul Krotki 2008(.0878.2). Field of view 3.0 mm."

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Photo Copyright © 2008 Saul Krotki